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Mallata Rapún and the environment


Mallata Rapún and us

  • A bit of history

    Rapún is a small hamlet in the Aragonese Pyrenees which was uninhabited in the 60s. In 1992, we decided to make our dream of living in the countryside come true and we chose Rapún. After years of hard working and dedication we managed to become this place in a living area for us and, as a consequence, for you too, if you decide to come and enjoy its charm and energy.

  • Mallata Rapún and the environment.

    Mallata Rapún consists of two buildings, one of them used as a country house, and the other one our habitual residence. Both houses were constructed in a traditional style, integrated with the environment and adding quality to its own lanscape. To this effect, local materials (stone, wood and flagstone) were used in the construction. Bio-construction is a way of building based on the use of natural and environmental materials such as paints, eco-friendly varnishes, sheep wool and paper insulation. The southern facing houses receive the most of solar irradiation. Both houses have been erected by us, stone by stone, giving our house the rating of almost self-suffcient. Both are supplied with solar / wind power and solar hot wáter. The self-sufficiency is based on the bioclimatic use (solar heating), the use of renewable energies and the use of wells to collect rain water we use to wáter the garden and the vegetable garden. Our houses are an example of sensible constructions. They are pioneering in Aragon thanks to their innovations and they are showed in different regional and national media. Respect for the environment and rationality with the resouces are put at the disposal and satisfaction of our customers.

  • We happily share

    We are delighted to share all our knowledge and experience to give you any information and advice about bioconstruction and renewable energies.

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